Nieuwe updates en verbeteringen aan het Routetitan-platform.

Release 1.12 - Performance improvements
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Januari 20, 2022

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The upcoming Routetitan releases will significantly improve the performance and user onboarding. In this second release of the series we’ve addressed some of the biggest performance bottlenecks when you’re inside a project and when starting a route via the Routetitan Driver app. 🚀

Major performance improvements

  • Significantly improved the processing time of uploading stops to a project via a Excel/CSV file

  • Significantly improved the processing time of adding stops to a project via our API

  • Significantly improved the speed of publishing a project

  • Significantly improved the time it takes to start a route via the Routetitan Driver App

  • General performance improvements for all API requests

New projects overview

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Instead of showing all projects in one overview, we have split them into three tabs: upcoming, active, and past. Users will be able to locate projects more quickly and maintain a better overview of all projects within their organization.

  • Upcoming tab will show projects that are for today (or a date in the future) and have no routes that are started yet.

  • Active tab will show projects that have at least one route that is in progress.

  • Past tab will show projects that are either completed or expired

Changes to a published project are now automatically saved

In the past, if you made changes to a published project, you had to click the "Publish project" button again for the changes to be saved. This caused some confusion among users and sometimes users forgot to publish the changes. Therefore, we have decided to automatically save all changes made to a project after it's published.

Since all changes are now automatically saved, we have removed the ability to reoptimize the entire project after publication. The purpose of this is to prevent routes from changing radically after reoptimization has been implemented.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Updated the navigation bar for a better overview

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a newly created vehicle tag to immediately show in the list of tags inside the stop details

  • Fixed a bug that did not disable the old notification template if a new one for the same event and channel was created

  • Fixed a bug that showed the “LIVE” label for routes inside an expired or completed project

  • Removed the route number so that only the vehicle name is shown inside a project’s routes

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