Nieuwe updates en verbeteringen aan het Routetitan-platform.

Release 1.8 - Notifications section & new track and trace page for recipients
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September 13, 2021

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Notifications sections

“Where is my order?” The ability to answer this question quickly and accurately is key to managing customers’ last-mile delivery expectations. Our new automated notification system enables you to easily send real-time delivery notifications to your customers using either email or SMS. Each notification is event-triggered, and you can customize your notification template by adding selected data fields along with your own message. Once activated, the selected customers will receive an alert when the event, such as the start of their drivers’ route or arrival at their stop, takes place.

New track and trace page

Along with a new notification system we’ve also completely redesigned the track and trace page. This page is meant for your customers (recipients) and gives them all the information they need to stay informed about their delivery/pickup. For example it allows your customers to track the location of the driver real time when there’s 15 minutes left before the driver reaches the address. And when a driver has completed the stop and added photos or notes, that information will also be visible inside of the new track and trace page. The new page will allow your customers to help themselves in case of questions regarding their delivery/pickup instead of calling your customer service line.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved the stop’s identification number so that’s it’s easier to read

  • Fixed a bug that prevented large projects from being correctly optimized

  • Added more stop information inside the project solution excel file that can be downloaded when a project has been completed

  • Fixed potential crashes when the browser automatically translates English words to a different language

  • Fixed a small bug during the product tour’s vehicle section

  • Made changing the stop’s default duration optional during the product tour

  • Removed the vrp object from the project.published payload in order to decrease the payload size

Een team van jonge software ontwikkelaars en designers met als missie de last-mile schoner, sneller en duurzamer te maken.