New updates and improvements to Routetitan.

Release 1.16 – Quality release
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June 6, 2022

Cover Image for Release 1.16 – Quality release


  • Support for dependable stops (via API & Excel file upload only)

  • Multiple confirmation dialogs for important actions like bulk disable vehicles

  • Move to feature for single or multiple selected stops

  • Support to change a project’s driver app settings after a project has been published

  • Support for using the keyboard buttons (up, down and enter) to select and add an address from the autocomplete results


  • Moved the navigation bar from the left to the right

  • Moved the support button from the navigation bar to the bottom right as a chat bubble

  • Hide the navigation bar when entering a project for more visual space and clarity

  • Updated the move to modal from the stop details to properly show routes for vehicles that have reloads

  • Now when entering an optimized project, the “Routes” tab will be shown immediately


  • A bug that resulted in the configuration “Allow late stops” to not work properly

  • A bug that resulted in stop markers being hidden when clicking on a specific stop marker

  • A bug that caused the reoptimize button to disappear when all project stops were deleted

  • A bug that resulted in the vehicle route shift times being incorrectly shown everywhere

  • A bug that resulted in invalid stops from being downloaded when using the hassle-free spreadsheet upload feature

  • A bug that resulted the search results to be persisted inside the route

  • A bug that resulted in the route reload icon to disappear if there were more than 9 reloads

  • A bug that resulted in the product tour being frozen when the project had no routes after optimizing

  • A bug that resulted in the drag and drop preview of the stop not being shown correctly

  • A bug that prevented the map zoom from being properly reset when switching projects

  • A bug that resulted in custom Rentman fields not being properly used

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