Broers Verhuur

"Our customers love that they can track the arrival time of the driver."

Broers Verhuur has been renting equipment for parties, weddings, and special events for more than 50 years. In order to serve their customers as efficiently as possible, they use Routetitan.

What was your route planning process in the past?

"The orders were printed and manually sorted into stacks of paper, each stack representing a route. Every order within a stack was placed in a sequence we believed represented the most efficient route. Basically, we did this based on drivers' experiences and Google Maps. But ofcourse, that never turned out to be the case in practice."

How did you end up at Routetitan?

"As we grew and our operations became more complex, we started to realize our routes were not that efficient and accurate. We were wasting valuable time and fuel. So we decided that we needed to find a way to reduce the transportation costs. That's when Routetitan entered the picture."

What has changed since you started using Routetitan?

"At our company we work in 8-hour shifts. I can recall how, in the past, they easily turned into 10- to 12-hour shifts. Now with Routetitan, even on very busy days, we are able to accurately plan and manage everything within our 8-hour work schedule. Everything is a lot simpler now. Creating the fastest and most efficient routes is as easy as clicking a button. Each morning, our drivers simply log in to the app, without having to worry about bringing piles of paper, having all the information at their fingertips."

Have your customers also noticed any changes?

"Absolutely. They are very pleased with the changes, since now we can proactively inform them regarding their delivery and pickup orders. When the drivers start their routes, customers receive an SMS or email notification with accurate arrival times. In the case of a pickup order, the customer will have already prepared and packed all the items for pickup before the driver arrives. As a result, our drivers are on their way to the next location in just a few minutes. Our previous policy of not communicating arrival times led to situations in which our driver was at the pickup location, but the customer had not yet packed and prepared the items. This caused a great deal of delays. Proactively informing our customers today visit helps us save a great deal of time!"

Biggest benefits for Broers Verhuur planning routes with Routetitan

  • Savings in time and fuel

  • More routes completed with fewer vehicles

  • Less paperwork for our drivers and easier navigation

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Broers Verhuur

Broers Verhuur offers rental equipment for special events, parties, and weddings.




Haarlem, The Netherlands

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