Drogisterij Andrea

"Better visibility thanks to our own delivery."

Drugstore Andrea was founded three years ago as a physical drugstore in Beekbergen and as an online drugstore www.drogisterij-andrea.nl. Today they have six vans using Routetitan to plan their routes and they do over 1,000 deliveries a day. Andrea is eager to take us through the day-to-day operations of the business.

What makes your drugstore unique?

"We found out that there is a lot of space in the market between large chains like Etos and Kruidvat, and smaller chains that offer products that are quite expensive. We offer high quality A-brand products at competitive prices. We purchase many of our supplies through Germany, which helps us keep sales prices competitive. We don't distract our customers with products that have nothing to do with the drugstore. At our store, you will find what you are looking for quickly and at a low price. Additionally, the store in Beekbergen is arranged in such a way that you don't feel hurried and can browse in peace for the products you need. We also describe it as a low-stimulus shopping experience."

What did you do before you started your own delivery service?

"The delivery was outsourced to DHL and PostNL. With over 1000 packages sent every day, you understand the costs involved."

Why did you start your own delivery?

"The main reason is to reduce costs and also to do some marketing. With our own buses, more people become familiar with our name, and when you see an Andrea bus on the street, maybe you will take a look at our store as well."

How did you find out about Routetitan?

"Because we were delivering ourselves, we searched for ways to operate more efficiently. We discovered Routetitan online and had no idea this product existed. Routetitan also offers custom work, which is a big advantage to us. Routetitan accommodated our wishes and the software was integrated into our system within three weeks, so we got going fairly quickly."

How do you like driving with Routetitan?

"Very good, the cost per shipment has dropped from 6 euros to 3 euros, people recognize us more frequently, we hand over the package directly to the customer and Routetitan's route planner is proving helpful to our drivers. Since the software is cloud-based, it is always up and running. Whenever we run into a problem, we inform Routetitan, and they come up with a solution that is built into their standard software. This way we can adjust and improve the product ourselves, as it were."

Top Drugstore Andrea benefits from route planning with Routetitan:

  • Cost per shipment dropped from 6 to 3 euros

  • Better visibility on the streets through own delivery

  • Cloud-based software, so reliable and always up-to-date

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Drogisterij Andrea

Drugstore that is based locally and has a webshop that delivers throughout the Netherlands.



Pharmacy & Medical


Beekbergen, The Netherlands

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